You can certainly make money pushing other people’s products, but what do you do next? You get a small commission, and now it’s time to do it all over again.

Choosing to be an affiliate marketer is very similar to choosing to be a salesperson on a car lot. You have to compete with everyone else on the lot and all the other car dealerships just to make a sale. Finally, when you do make a sale, you get a small commission, while the dealership, owner, and car manufacturer get most of the profit.

Most people think that being a product creator is like having your own car dealership. However, they fail to see the power of being a product creator. Think about Ford, Mercedes Benz, etc… They are the only people creating those specific products, and they have thousands of dealerships, representatives, and men and women working non-stop to make them money. Being a product creator is the exact same concept. You are now the only one offering your particular product or products, and you have the potential to employ just as many men and women to work non-stop. Imagine thousands of men and women competing to MAKE YOU MONEY.

The entire concept is entirely different. Competing to make a sale and then getting a small piece of the sale vs. focusing on the big picture and having the ability to create new products while harnessing the consistent profit that comes from others competing to push your product and make successful sales.

Think about what happens when a car is sold. The affiliate takes their profit from the sale, but all future sales are not directed toward that specific person. So once again the clear advantage goes to the dealership because they get to sell more vehicles, while the representative has to work non-stop just to make another sale.

The same applies to info products as well. You are the product creator, which means you are in control of the direction you go with your ideas and what you will deliver to your customers in the future. For example, answers, coaching, and higher priced products come from the top, and the men and women that work tirelessly to create a “golden list” of customers are now giving customers more incentive to come back to YOU.

What happens when customers buy directly from you? As the product creator, you get 100% of the profits. The affiliate will typically direct the customer to you, make a successful sale, and take part of the profit, but that customer will likely come back and go directly to you. Over time the result is tons of long-term clients purchasing directly from you and giving you 100% of the profit.

100% is a dream come true, but it does not stop there because once the customer is pleased with you and your business, you can upsell them by offering related products that are better and higher priced. Even if you gave the affiliate a 100% commission for the initial sale you are still winning because you can pull more money out of that customer in the future and gladly accept 100% of the money that comes from the sale.

You might be thinking something along the lines of “I would never offer 100% commission.” However, if you open your mind and try it out for a brief period of time, it will be perhaps the best business decision for your business. Just think about how incentivized your affiliates will be when they learn they will receive 100% commission. There will be so much competition to sell that customers will come from everywhere and your potential for future business will increase significantly in no time at all.

Now it is time to start creating your own product. You do not have to make it really fancy and it can be something as simple as a report. However, make sure that it gives your customers tangible results that quickly build a positive relationship with the two of you.

Now that you have a believer that has benefited from you, the affiliate process can come into play. Give them very high commissions, put together a phenomenal sales letter, and see what happens. You can get started on this right NOW. Later this week when the sales start coming at you from every direction you will start seeing that you can sell your own products, make a profit, and create a business that continually grows in every way, shape, and form.

Lastly, make sure that you have an upsell ready way before you sell to a customer. This is huge because once you find a loyal customer that believes in you, they will be willing to invest even more money in one or more of your products. Also, keep in mind that you own your list of customers once an affiliate makes a successful sale. A 50% commission to an affiliate is a great deal for the loyalty of a new customer that has the potential to spend thousands of dollars on your products and give you 100% of the profits.

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