Webinars have grown in popularity. If you are not planning to use them, you might want to rethink. Webinars are extremely useful when you want to establish rapport and credibility with your prospective customers.

If you are already using webinars or planning to use them, you can still get more webinar leads with the right system in place. Most marketers are not thorough in their marketing tactics and thus can fail to maximize the benefits of this form of marketing. Here are several techniques you can use to increase the conversion of unconverted leads.

1. When you get a prospect to register for your webinar, offer them several videos that keep them engaged prior to the webinar. These video series should serve as a foreshadow of what to expect in the webinar and should be made in a way that makes the prospects eager.

2. If the prospect fails to register for the webinar, give them a great report. Inside the report, include a link that allows them to register for the webinar. If they find your report worthwhile and interesting, they are likely to sign up after reading it. This will help increase the registration numbers for your webinar.

3. If your prospects sign up for your webinar but fails to show up, offer them three different chances to see the replay. In each of the three chances, have different hooks or angles to persuade them to watch it.

4. If they still fail to watch the webinar replays, make a different offer. This time not in webinar; you can present the same information in another format such as PDF or audio format.

5. If they make an effort to come to your webinar but leave early, offer them replay so that they can pick up where they left off.

6. If they came to your webinar, either live or recorded, and fail to buy, follow up with a sequence of email messages that are designed to either offer an explanation of the primary or secondary offer. The secondary offer might be a cheaper or smaller version of the primary offer.

7. Your primary goal is to ensure that every prospect going through this system gets an offer in the format they are comfortable with.
8. You might need to lay down this process before you get started to avoid confusion later on. As previously mentioned, this process takes effort, but it can be very rewarding. As long as your offer remains intact, once you have this system in place, you will only need to refine and tweak it from time to time to gradually increase your return on investment.

9. Lastly, your prospects and customers will thank you. Your know that it is in the prospects best interest to get your product – so it’s in their best interest for you to do everything you can to win the sale and get them the products or information they want and need.

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