Why are your customers not recommending you? If they are already choosing to be your customers, then it safe to say they like you. Maybe they just don’t have the time. We both know that time is made just for talking with friends and spreading the recent experiences with a particular business or product.

The reason they are not recommending you is because you are not making it easy enough. Below you will not only find seven ways to make it easy for them to recommend you, you will learn the art of encouraging your customers to recommend you while maintaining a non-pushy tone.

1. Encourage customers to write online reviews. Putting the power in the customer’s hands is key, especially when you have faith in your product and stand behind it 100%. So do not be afraid to incorporate a comment section and a 1-5 star rating system on each product you offer.

2. The power of the “refer a friend” script! It has been a long time since the refer a friend scripts made their way onto a website, but do not let that discourage you from adding them to your site. Remember, being different is what keeps you from blending in and becoming just another boring business.

3. Sharing with friends. Even if you do not choose to use the refer a friend option you still can include a button to allow a reader to share a blog or article with a friend. By just clicking the button, including the email they want to send it to, and clicking “submit,” they spread the word of you and increase your audience. Even if a user sees the button and does not choose to use it, the pure originality and nature of the button will inspire them to keep the article in their head. So later down the road, they might talk about the “interesting” article they read with their friends and choose to copy/paste the entire thing and send it off.

4. Use your “Tweet This,” “Like This,” and “PlusOne” buttons. Then encourage all users to share it. Imagine being able to double your tweets and likes simply by asking. This is another ridiculously easy way to get things moving and get the audience that you’ve always wanted.

5. The fun and fantastic fans. If you have fans that adore you and the things you or your product stands for, then put them to work. By adding buttons on their Facebook pages or websites, you let them add a whole new level of support. They can now share the enthusiasm they have for you and your product/service.

6. Create your special offer. For example, you might take your monthly service and use it to your advantage by incentivizing new customers to spread the word about you and your service. Telling them to refer you is a great method, but you might decide to offer them a one-month free deal for each paying customer they refer.

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