This simple technique can add thousands of dollars to your monthly income with minimal effort.

I believe the information I am getting ready to share with you works somewhere between 4 out of 5 times and 9 out of 10 times, which makes it one heck of an impressive strategy. However, what many refer to as the “built-in escape clause” is what makes this technique a must for everyone no matter their income.

Theoretically speaking you could be selling a 20-page report for $7 and be content with a few bucks every once in awhile. However, the odds are that the information in those 20 pages is considered to be precious by both you and the lucky men and women that have gotten their hands on them for $7. What do you think you should do? Well, I bet you value your time quite a bit and believe that $7 is sometimes not worth it. The question you need to ask is “do the people getting the 20 pages know its value?” and “are new customers going to understand why the price is higher if it were to be raised?” Answering those questions with a yes and raising the price has a particular amount of risk. What should you do?

The answer is simple. Do not just raise the price and hope for the best. Deliver more and raise the price, but at the same time make sure the “more” being provided to both repeat customers and new customers is much easier to produce. In other words, put a bonus into the equation and make sure the bonus (whatever it might be) is easy for you to produce. The best tactic is to add the resale rights to a product and let the sales start coming in. You will find that sales are now at never-before-seen level and nobody has anything bad to say about the price at all. In fact, they feel like they are getting an outstanding price and they are for the most part. The only difference is you are no longer working your but off for peanuts.

Sales are up so what is next? Do it AGAIN! You will see that sales increase further. Now, what is stopping you from doing it another time? The only factor that matter is sales, so the answer to that question is more sales. The only thing stopping you is sales. If they reached the levels, they were before the new price increase then you should stop, but if they are still up, go for another bonus round. You can then remove that bonus and lower the price down as well. The most important part is that you took advantage of some very profitable times and still made everyone happy. You can count on customers checking to see if another bonus will show up and they might even try to persuade you to offer another bonus.

The entire process described took you probably 10 to 20 minutes, and it made tons of cash. The way to keep adding more money to your annual income is to keep the ball rolling and keep looking for new deals. In other words, you can get in the habit of checking for resale rights and taking full advantage of those each month.

Remember to do this with other offers as well, and you will be looking at a boatload of cash that requires virtually no effort.

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