Some affiliate leaders outsell their competition all year long. Do they have some type of super secret strategy they use? More than likely! So wouldn’t it be nice to see what they are up to next time they make another big launch?

The first step to getting to the bottom of this mystery is to get on every launch list possible. If you use JV Forums (such as the “Warrior Forum”) and closely monitor your email and look for pre-launches, you will be right on track.

It is a good idea to start with the smaller launches and gradually work your way up to the larger lists that are “closed” (you don’t get in these unless they recognize you by your name).

Opt-in to the JV list for every possible launch and go into the back room. If you spot a list of affiliates, make sure you act ASAP and opt-in each of their lists. (you will probably have to Google their names to find their offers to join their lists).

Finally, once the launch begins, find the leaderboard inside the affiliate area. This board is gold because it shows you the top affiliates based on sales.

After that, you can once again look at your email. This time you are looking for the emails these “top-sellers” sent you. Look at every last word from top to bottom and see what they are trying to accomplish and they method they use. Save each one of these in a file so you can reference them later.

Look at those subject lines and pay close attention to see if they offer a bonus in their message. More importantly, see what the bonus is all about and what it offers for you. (as a consumer)

This simple technique is the fastest way to learn some of the most valuable information about affiliate leaders.

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