If you are not great at speaking and explaining things you might find it difficult to imagine how you could make money just by talking. The fact of the matter is knowledge and passion for certain topics not only create very interesting conversations, they allow everyone that listens to feel that passion and excitement. In other words, with the knowledge and the drive, you can make fantastic money speaking, even if you are not an outstanding conversationalist.

Start off by choosing your topic. Remember the goal is to give them the most valuable information that would typically cost a fortune. Next, you have to choose a partner. This might take a while because the partner you choose must be willing to help you along the way by providing you with new information about the topic at hand. Also, they must be able act based on the ideas both of you discuss.

Now you can begin writing an outline for what you and your partner will cover. Keep in mind that your partner must be actively engaged in this process. They will need to know exactly what is being covered and they should help decide if anything is being left out.

Now you can begin perfecting the process by talking on the phone and recording your phone calls. The idea is to master this process. Doing that might take a lot of practice, but the end result is always going to be worth it. More calls are always going to be better because the product you are creating will have a higher perceived value.

Next, you can get those transcripts and begin selling the entire package as one product. You can bundle the transcripts and sales letter into a 7-10 day process. The results will be unbelievable. I know people that have made nearly $100,000 just by spending a few hours on the phone and then marketing the entire thing on different forums. Splitting the profits with your partner 50/50 is fair and the result is $50,000 per person. Even better than that, you will now have a product that you can sell for as long as you want – weeks, months, years etc…

You might be saying “I don’t want to split the profits 50/50. I will just do it by myself.” This is a shortcut you do not want to take simply because a partner that is knowledgeable about the topic at hand will always provide an unmeasurable amount of value in their advice and their ideas. The different perspectives between you and your partner combined with the massive amount of knowledge are what makes the product so valuable.

More importantly, the idea of doing this all by yourself is extremely boring. First, you lose that energy that can only come from talking to a different person on the phone. Second, you miss out on all of the one-of-a-kind stories and knowledge from your partner. Third, you are talking to yourself so you are literally lecturing yourself. Lastly, your partner is always going to know people and might even have their own list. In other words, half the sales could come from just that partners connections. (affiliates)

Do you think you can make a recorded product by yourself? Some people have and they have been very successful. However, as previously mentioned, the finished product will almost always turn out better with a partner for numerous reasons that many men and women fail to account for.

Tips/Advice (making the calls/recordings) Keep the energy high from start to finish and eliminate all of the “umms,” “errs,” “ahhs,” and stutters from the equation. Do not forget to act as natural as possible. Laughing, smiling, joking, and having a good time at the right time is key. Finally, deliver information that blows listeners away with its value.

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